Hire Better with Codeaid’s Software Architect Test

Precise and Simplified Hiring with Our Software Architect Assessment.

Make data-driven hiring decisions with our comprehensive, Git-based skills test that replicates real-world scenarios, built specifically for the software architecture role.

Hire Better with Codeaid’s Software Architect Test

Discover Codeaid’s Game-Changing Software Architect Skills Assessment

What Makes Our Software Architect Test Different?

Our software architect assessment evaluates candidates by tasking them with designing a live tracking system’s architecture. With tests more than 10 times longer than the industry average, it assesses not only their architecture design skills but also their ability to report and document effectively and to pay close attention to detail. Ideal for assessing future leaders of product development teams, it’s your key to finding top talent.

Skills That This Assessment Covers

Codeaid’s assessment rigorously evaluates candidates across a spectrum of critical skills.

Designing scalable software systems

Command of industry-standard architectural patterns

Creating modular and reusable components

Optimizing software performance

Effective communication

Documentation of software architecture


Familiarity with databases

Solid foundation in DevOps practices

Built Specifically for the Software Architect Role

A software architect plays a pivotal role in understanding how the Software Development Life Cycle affects the architecture of the software, aligning architectural decisions with business objectives, and fostering effective communication among various stakeholders.

Codeaid’s challenges comprehensively evaluate these critical aspects through real-world scenarios. We ensure an efficient, accurate, and impartial assessment process, helping you discover the ideal software architecture talent.

Navigating the Essentials of Software Architect Test

A Complete Set Of Challenges That Cover All Vital Skills

Evaluating software architect skills is vital for recruiting top talent, but it can be a difficult task for recruiters. Our test employs the challenges below to assess the essential skills of a proficient software architect.

Scalable Software Systems Design

Codeaid’s challenges evaluate the candidates’ technical skills such as a deep understanding of coding and data structures and knowledge of software engineering practices. Additionally, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and collaborating effectively are also assessed.

Industry-Standard Architectural Patterns

Our challenges make sure the candidates are familiar with the key architectural design patterns and have a solid understanding of architectural principles. They measure the candidates’ ability to implement their knowledge in different cases.

Modularity & Reusability

The ability to design reusable components helps lower costs and increase flexibility. For this reason, our challenges make sure software architects can design modular and reusable software components.

Software Performance Optimization

Solid knowledge of optimizing software performance is crucial when assessing candidates for an effective hire. That’s why our challenges evaluate candidates based on their understanding of software performance topics, and optimization techniques, as well as their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Communication & Documentation

Evaluating a software architect‘s clear communication and documentation skills is crucial in recruitment, ensuring clarity in architectural design and implementation. Our challenges ensure architects excel in clear and effective communication of architectural requirements.

Benefits of Hiring a Good Software Architect

Hiring a skilled software architect significantly benefits your company in various ways. They lead in the development of high-quality, scalable reliable, and efficient software, and software systems, reducing costs and time-to-market.

Their strategic insights and innovation keep the company competitive, while effective communication with stakeholders builds trust and reputation.

Succeed in Hiring Top Talent with Codeaid’s Software Architect Test

Correct Grading

Codeaid’s grading system provides recruiters with everything they need to accurately assess the candidates’ work.

Multiple Candidates Streamlined

Codeaid provides recruiters with a bird’s-eye view of candidates, allowing them to monitor progress efficiently and not miss valuable profiles.


With Codeaid, recruiters can guide candidates by offering feedback and the opportunity to revise and improve their code, revealing adaptability and a growth mindset.

How CodeAid Works

Initial Setup

Once you register and set up your Codeaid account, you can get started right away and invite your candidates to take a test.

Challenge Initiation

Invite candidates to test with an email containing instructions, challenge details, and a prompt to start. Once they start the challenge, the timer begins, and a file repository of all challenge files is created and shared with the candidate.

Challenge Execution & Submission

Candidates work on the task, following the challenge instructions. There are no single-session constraints; candidates can push code multiple times, similar to the real-world environment. When ready, they submit their final code by clicking “Submit Challenge.”

Final Grading

Once the candidate submits the challenge, you will get notified. You will then need to assign a reviewer, who will be notified by Codeaid. The reviewer inputs pass/fail/partial values, selects from dropdowns for custom questions, and adds additional comments. The score is then calculated based on these inputs.

You’ll receive a completion notification with the candidate’s information, test details, start-end dates, and their final grade.

Sample Components from the Software Architect Skills Test

Web-Based Back-Office Admin Architecture

This component of the test evaluates the candidate’s capacity to build a web-based back office software architecture for a live-tracking system.

It measures the software architect’s proficiency in considering user roles (admin and user), producing, retrieving, and sending the correct relevant data to user-specific dashboards while adhering to architectural and software design patterns of this component.

Browser-Based Client-Side User Architecture

It evaluates the candidate’s capacity to build a browser-based client or user interface for the back office. It assesses the software architect’s skills in building an efficient, usable, and reliable UI, which presents and visualizes the live tracking data accurately, timely, and semantically, while following software architecture best practices.

Mobile App Tracking Architecture

This component evaluates the candidate’s capability to develop the respective mobile-based client/live-tracking application that goes along the server side and database. It assesses the software architect’s skills and ability to create accurate, reliable, and secure mobile architecture while considering all stages of the SDLC.

Server-Side and Database Architecture

This component in the skill test measures the candidate’s capability to set up the respective server/database architecture, which goes along with other components. It helps the recruiters assess the software architect’s skills in efficiently collecting and serving data while considering global software architecture and real-time processes.

Why Choose Us?

Real-World Testing Environment

Codeaid’s “Real-world testing environment” stands out from the simple QCM-based tests. It places software architects in a real-world work scenario using a Git-based system and a comprehensive 16-hour challenge, significantly longer than industry norms.

This approach assesses technical skills, problem-solving, design proficiency, and adaptability, offering recruiters a holistic view of a candidate’s potential in real-world software development.

Targeted Software Architecture Skills Grading

We solve the challenge of assessing software architecture skills with four comprehensive components; web-based back-office admin architecture, browser-based client-side user architecture, mobile app tracking architecture, and server-side and database architecture.

These components, coupled with tests in various languages and frameworks, make sure we address each skill required by a successful software architect.

Customizability of the Software Architect Test

Codeaid’s software architect test is highly customizable and fits all your testing needs.

Our Structured Manual Grading enables the evaluation of tests based on a set framework unique to your industry, reducing subjectivity and ensuring fairness.

Flexible Time Limit extension feature allows you to adjust test durations for candidate flexibility.

Additionally, our fully Multi-Tenant System gives the flexibility to manage multiple companies or teams within a single account.

Impartial, Bias-Free

Codeaid offers impartial, bias-free evaluations to pinpoint the right talent. With its real-world challenges and a comprehensive grading system, our test ensures a fair and transparent assessment process, focused solely on identifying the best talent without any biases.

From Developers to Developers

Codeaid’s software architect skills assessment was developed by an expert developer, Diogo Campanha, over a long and meticulous process. Diogo has 10 years of experience and mastered several programming languages and technologies, frameworks, libraries, and technologies used in web development and software engineering, as well as software architectural patterns. Check out Digoso’s LinkedIn profile and GitHub profile to see his experience and accomplishments.

That’s why our test reflects deep insights into software architecture, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the needs of software architects, assessing their real-world skills and industry standards. Trust Codeaid for a developer-crafted assessment that truly understands the field.

More Than Just a Software Architecture Quiz: Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Make data-driven decisions and hire the best software architects with Codaid’s powerful features:

Advanced Grading System

Assess real-world problem-solving skills

Precise and meticulous scoring algorithm

Evaluate candidates across multiple criteria

Candidate Profiles Feature

Get a holistic view of candidates’ capabilities

Dive deeper into their qualifications

Easily filter, search, and monitor candidates’ progress

Track test results and performance

Compare profiles

This data-driven approach allows you to make informed hiring decisions. Say goodbye to generic assessments and discover the right candidates for your organization.

Hear It from Those Who Elevated Their Hiring Game with Codeaid

Explore how Codeaid has empowered recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions and find top talent effortlessly. Read their success stories and see the impact for yourself.

Use Git-Powered Software Architect Skills Assessment to Hire Top Talent

Assessing skills in a real-life environment is pivotal for accurate talent evaluation. Realistic assessments offer predictive insights, reduce biases, and efficiently reveal candidates’ abilities, ensuring they align with job requirements and possess genuine skills.
That’s why Codeaid’s Git-based system replicates real-world development workflows, bringing the test as close to real life as possible.

Git, a widely used version control system, records code changes while allowing developers to work independently on their copies of a project. When ready, they can seamlessly merge their changes into the main repository.

Codeaid uses Git to mimic an environment nearly identical to actual projects. It also assesses the candidate’s Git proficiency, a vital skill in the industry.

With Codeaid, you can assess talent based on real-life skills, ensuring no surprises in your hiring process. Be confident that you’ve hired top talent with our Git-driven assessment for software architecture.


Why are software architect quizzes and tests essential hiring tools?

They are indispensable tools for identifying top talent among aspiring software architects. They provide an objective measure of technical abilities, streamlining hiring by selecting the most qualified candidates. This efficient process allows resources to focus on their core tasks.

Moreover, these assessments let candidates demonstrate problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability in real-world situations, crucial for innovation and growth in the evolving tech landscape.

How does Codeaid compare to other code test platforms?

Codeaid stands out with its realistic, real-world software architecture assessment environment. Combined with components designed specifically for the software architect role, this unique approach immerses candidates in the daily workflow of software architects, providing a precise evaluation of their skills and adaptability.

Plus, our granular scoring algorithm offers deep insights into a candidate’s problem-solving abilities and technical expertise. Additionally, you can use our grading functionality to accurately assess the candidates’ work.

What languages and skills are evaluated in the software architect assessment?

Our software architecture test assesses architecture design, databases, problem-solving, DevOps, and advanced computing skills. It doesn’t assess a specific language because it tests architectural skills.

Where in my recruitment process should I use this test?

We suggest using our software architect assessment as a pre-screening step at the beginning of your hiring process. Codeaid accelerates your candidate search, identifying top talent efficiently.

Can I customize the assessment with my own questions?

Yes. You can customize it by describing the challenge, providing details, and creating a grading key.

What are your available plans?

You can begin with our Free plan to enjoy core features or enhance your developer assessment experience with premium power and advanced options in our Team and Enterprise plans. To learn more about our subscription plans and features, click here.

What happens if a challenge is canceled or expires before the candidate starts the challenge?

If a candidate doesn’t initiate the challenge and it is canceled or expired, it frees up the invitation for another candidate. However, for subscription invitations, the challenge must be canceled or expire within the same month it was issued to be reclaimable.

What happens when I don't have any more invites left?

You can top up your balance with a new credit pack manually.