How Codeaid Came to Be

We’ve been in the tech and developer world for over 15 years, so we know that resumes and real-life problem solving can be two very different things.

Surely, there had to be a testing tool out there to accurately gauge how these candidates would perform on the job before they actually got the job?

We searched high and low for a truly fit-for-purpose coding test tool but found none that tested developers with in-depth challenges.

Then it dawned on us: we knew what was needed and we had the skills to get us there; why not create our own tool?

And presto, Codeaid was born.

And since then every one of our own developers that we tested using Codeaid has proven to be a valuable member of our team, capable of taking on even the most complex challenges.

We decided that we just couldn’t keep this tool to ourselves any longer, knowing that it could help so many companies and organizations save hundreds of hours by not only streamlining their hiring processes but also gaining the confidence in knowing they are hiring the right person for the job.

So now we present to you the coding testing platform with the world’s most robust and most in-depth challenges:

Our mission

In today’s complex and competitive world, coding tests need to do more than just test a candidate’s language proficiency. That’s why Codeaid is a game-changer. 

Our coding tests are 10x longer than the average coding test, providing a truly realistic testing environment and generating a comprehensive skill profile. Giving you the confidence that you’re hiring a developer capable of hitting the ground running from day one.

Our mission is straightforward: To provide you with a robust testing platform that offers an in-depth view of your candidates’ capabilities. We know that hiring the right developer is crucial to any organization’s success. With Codeaid’s comprehensive approach to evaluating candidates’ skills and abilities, you can make informed hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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